Vision of Boston

I believe in a future for Boston where everyone has opportunities to succeed, where we invest in all of our communities, where every child can receive a quality education, where we care for our elderly, where everyone can live in a safe neighborhood, and where we all have a say in the direction of our city.

I practice what I call “collaborative politics,” because I know that government works best when it works with you and not over you. As Mayor, I will work tirelessly to ensure all Boston’s residents have a voice at City Hall.

Creating Jobs and Strengthening Our Economy

Strengthening our economy and creating jobs is key to the future and growth of our City. We are a prosperous city and I believe all of Boston’s neighborhoods should share in that prosperity. We must invest in all neighborhoods and ensure that everyone in Boston has access to a good job. Working in partnership with our business and civic leaders we will advance long-term economic development strategies that promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Boston. As Mayor, I will work tirelessly to ensure that economic opportunities are available to all who call Boston home.

One way of ensuring that all neighborhoods share in our prosperity is by implementing legislation I authored called “Invest in Boston.” Currently, the City of Boston has $1 Billion Dollars deposited in banks. My legislation says that we will only deposit that money in banks that “Invest in Boston” – banks that lend to small businesses and qualified home buyers, refinance loans, lend to development projects, hire Bostonians and have a plan to deal with the rising foreclosure rates. When we invest in all neighborhoods, everyone can prosper. Passing “Invest in Boston” will help ensure that all neighborhoods get the investments they need to economically flourish.

  • Implement “Invest in Boston” and ensure that all of our neighborhoods are economically sustainable.
  • Help to Create Good Jobs and ensure that all jobs in Boston are good jobs.
  • Encourage Innovation & Entrepreneurship so that Boston is a City where new businesses are can grow.
  • Support small & locally owned businesses because the vast majority of Americans work for a small business and by supporting small businesses, we are supporting jobs and strong communities
  • Prepare & train our residents for the jobs that exist today including jobs in health care, academia, biotechnology, and hospitality.
  • Enforce the Boston Jobs Ordinance so jobs in Boston go to residents of Boston.


I am a proud graduate of the Boston Public Schools as are all of my four siblings. I am the son, husband, and brother of Boston Public School teachers, all of my nieces and nephews of school age attend the Boston Public Schools. The state of our Boston Public Schools and ensuring that all children receive a quality education is a personal issue to me.

I am committed to making sure our schools offer all of our children a great education in a loving, supportive, nurturing and safe environment. We must be focused on closing the achievement gap. All of our children deserve a first class education because they are first class students.

We must invest in our public schools, ensure that our curriculum is reflective of today’s world, and provide our teachers with the resources they need so that they can focus on teaching and our students can focus on learning.

  • Universal High Quality Early Education so that all of our students have the foundation they need to excel.
  • Extended Day and After School Enrichment for all of our students so all student have access to arts, theatre, music and dance as well as physical education and sports.
  • A curriculum that reflects today’s world by ensuring that all students have access to
    • Science, Technology, Education & Math (STEM)
    • English language arts
    • Foreign languages
    • Civics & Humanities
    • Financial Literacy
    • College Readiness
    • Computer Science
    • Career and vocational technical
  • Support for our English Language Learners and the creation of more dual language schools.
  • Ensure that we are offering our students with special needs the resources and support they need.
  • Ensure we have nurses in our schools as well as access to mental health services.
  • Commitment to making Madison Park Vocational & Technical High School the best Vocational / Tech high school in the state, if not in the country.
  • School based budgeting that will ensure that all teachers and students have the resources they need to teach and learn.
  • Commitment to ensuring that all facilities are of high standards.
  • Staff at schools dedicated to working with parents and guardians to ensure that they can and are active in their child’s education.
  • Support and professional development opportunities for all of our Boston Public Schools staff.

Elderly Affairs

We owe so much to our seniors. They have helped make Boston the city it is today and continue to contribute to our communities. I believe it is our responsibility to make sure that our seniors are able to live with the respect and dignity they deserve. Our seniors have been there for us and we must be there for them.

  • Support senior specific transportation like the Ride and the Senior Shuttle.
  • Oppose cuts to Social Security & Medicare so that seniors will continue to have the benefits that they have earned.
  • Support services that will allow seniors to age at home, live independently, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Invest in the maintenance of Boston Housing Authority’s senior housing so that our seniors can live in safe and affordable housing.
  • Keeping our elderly community aware of programs, events, and assistance available to them with clear communication and outreach.


When my parents first moved to Boston, like many families, they needed affordable housing. They found that at Villa Victoria in the South End. I believe everyone deserves a place to live. It does not happen by accident and it does not happen because we wish it so. It happens by intention. I am committed to ensuring the construction and maintaining of affordable and moderate housing in our city.

  • Encourage mixed used development that includes market rate, moderate rate and affordable housing.
  • Support building of housing of different sizes so that households of all sizes can live in Boston.
  • Maintain and renovate our public housing stock.

Improving Public Health

As Boston continues to move forward, it is essential that we ensure the health and sustainability of all our city’s vibrant, diverse communities. Boston is home to the best hospitals and community health centers. We must ensure that all of Boston’s residents have access to these facilities as well as promote wellness programs as the key to good health. I will make it a priority, as Mayor, to give communities and individuals the tools and resources to provide for their mental and physical well-being.

  • Ensure that healthy foods are available in all neighborhoods by supporting community gardens, urban farms & neighborhood farmers’ markets.
  • Universal Access to High Quality Health Care because everyone should be able to see a doctor when they are sick.
  • Prioritize recovery for those struggling with addiction and substance abuse.
  • Support Mental Health Services so that those in need are properly diagnosed and treated.
  • Address our Asthma Epidemic and work to lower the number of Bostonians with asthma.
  • Ensure that all Community Centers are affordable so that everyone has access to spaces to exercise and improve their health.
  • Support a woman’s right to choose by ensuring that women in Boston can make decisions about their bodies in a safe and nurturing environment.

New Bostonians

Boston’s greatest asset is the richness and diversity of its people. My own story starts with my parents, who moved to Boston as a young couple with my older sister, looking for a better life for themselves and their family. They found that in Boston. We must work to ensure that Boston is a city where lifelong Bostonians, long time Bostonians, and new Bostonians all have access to opportunities.

  • Providing adequate adult English education because learning English helps open doors to job opportunities and allows someone who is not a native speaker to feel comfortable going to the doctor and being involved in their child’s school.
  • Offering multi-lingual and cultural competent services in every City department to meet the needs of residents who speak different languages.
  • Ensuring every citizen is able to vote by providing bilingual ballots.
  • Offering citizenship clinics to help guide those looking to become a citizen.
  • Supporting Immigration Reform so that families can stay united and create fair and humane pathways to citizenship.

One Boston

Every person should be able to find opportunity in our city regardless of race, gender, creed, or sexual orientation. We reject the politics of division, that pits people against people and neighborhoods against neighborhoods, and we embrace the fact that we are one Boston, where everyone deserves opportunities to succeed. It is important that we stand with those who face injustice and advocate for the rights of all people.

  • Make sure our workforce is diverse and reflective of all of our neighborhoods.
  • Ensure that women and people of color have equal access to job opportunities when we do our contracting.
  • Equal pay for equal work should not just be a slogan, but a reality that everyone is treated equally and fairly in the workplace.
  • Supporting marriage equality so everyone can marry the person they love.
  • Defending the right to self-identify without discrimination.
  • Providing resources for our youth who could be struggling with acceptance and prevent bullying in our schools.

Open, Inclusive & Transparent Government

Government work best when it works with you and not over you. Having an open, inclusive and transparent governing style is not only good governance, it is the only style we should accept. I believe that all Bostonians should have a say in the direction of our City and especially those most affected by the decisions at hand. I believe that a Mayor’s power does not come from City Hall but from the people he or she represents. We will work to ensure that all Bostonians feel as though they matter, that their voice matters and that the culture of City Halls reflects that belief.

  • Open little City Halls in all of Boston’s neighborhoods where you will find friendly and helpful staff who know they work for you.
  • Work with our Neighborhood Associations, Crime Watch Groups & Community Organizations to ensure that the community’s voice is heard.
  • Improve our City’s online services so that it is user friendly and complete.
  • Hold regular town hall meetings in our neighborhoods to provide a space for residents to have direct access to their government.

Parks & Open Spaces

In Boston, we are proud of our parks and open spaces. We use them as places to foster community, to play, to exercise and to relax. We must continue to invest in our parks and open spaces and ensure that all neighborhoods have access to them. As a young person growing up and playing sports, as a volunteer youth coach, as a dog owner, and as a resident, the parks in Boston have been a part of my life for my entire life. Parks and open spaces are places that foster relationships and create community. We must invest in our parks to ensure that they continue to play the positive roles they play.

  • Ensure that all our parks are maintained and accessible so that all residents have access to clean and safe open spaces.
  • Provide programming at the parks that will help foster relationships and a sense of community.
  • Ensure that all parks are safe by having regular patrols and ensuring that all lighting is in working order.
  • Provide trash and single stream recycling bins in every park.
  • Encourage the creation of more green space in future development projects.

Promoting Arts, Culture & Tourism

Arts, culture and tourism contribute to the livelihood of our city. Boston is home to many cultural institutions that make Boston not only a great place to live, but a great place to visit. We must support the arts, performances, theatre, music, dance, museums, local artists, cultural exhibits, and creative opportunities that enhance our neighborhoods and contribute to our quality of life.

  • Develop cultural districts in our city to attract artists, encourage business development, and establish destinations of cultural experiences for Boston families and visitors.
  • Support living and working space for artists in Boston to thrive and practice their craft.
  • Foster relationships between cultural institutions and community.
  • Encourage tourism to spur economic development and promote Boston as a destination for cultural experiences.

Public Safety

Safe and secure neighborhoods are key to a strong city. We must feel safe when we leave our homes, when our children play outside and when we go to bed at night. As Mayor, I will prioritize public safety and ensure that our police, fire, EMS and street workers receive the funding they need to do their jobs effectively. As Bostonians, we are blessed to have great public safety personnel and committed neighborhood associations. We understand that by working together, fostering relationships and building community, we can ensure that all of our streets are safe and that all of our neighborhoods are livable.

  • Community policing is key to safe neighborhoods and we will ensure that we have police walking the beat and bicycling in all of our neighborhoods.
  • Fostering relationships between our police and our neighborhoods creates an environment of trust that will lead to better communication.
  • Prevention is the best form of public safety and by encouraging community, where we all understand that we all play a role in creating a safer community.
  • Increasing funding towards our street worker program to prevent crimes.
  • Ensuring that our Police, Fire and EMS have the most up to date equipment and training so that they can do their jobs to the best of their abilities.
  • Supports for those dealing with the trauma of violence because we know that survivors, their families and friends may be dealing with the trauma of violence for their entire life.


Investing in our transportation infrastructure is key to our growth as a city. We rely on four basic modes of transportation–the car, public transportation, biking, and walking–and we need to make sure that each of those choices is accessible to all of Boston’s residents in an equitable and safe way.

  • Implementing reforms and make much-needed investments transportation in a fair and just way with a progressive revenue plan that does not place the hardship on those that can least afford it.
  • Making our streets as safe as possible for cyclists by improving our infrastructure to include cycle tracks, studying data to identify dangerous areas that need the most improvement, and increase awareness of how best to share the road.
  • Ensuring that our City is walkable by clearing our sidewalks during the winter, repairing sidewalks in the warmer weather & ensuring that all crosswalks are visible.
  • Working to improve accessibility throughout the city of Boston so that all residents of Boston can get from point A to point B.
  • Support investments in the MBTA so that we can expand access, provide better and more reliable service and extend the hours of operations


Our veterans deserve our gratitude for their service to our country, shown not just in words, but also in action. We must work to ensure that veterans have all the necessary tools to facilitate their reintegration into civilian life and that they are provided with a safe and healthy environment upon returning home.

  • Support veterans’ preference in employment because we must do all we can to ensure that veterans have access to good jobs at a living wage.
  • Prioritizing housing for veterans because a significant percentage of our homeless population are veterans
  • Ensuring that veterans have access to proper health care by connecting them with providers who can care for their physical and/or mental health needs.

Youth Affairs

As a youth sports coach, I have a true appreciation for the benefits of investing in our youth; so, I have made our city’s youth one of my top priorities. Working with a Youth Task Force I created over 30 youth organizations, we have led the fight to save thousands of summer jobs for young people, brought over 200 teenagers together to develop a “Boston Youth Agenda,” and continue to work to promote the overall well being of youth throughout the city of Boston. An investment in our youth is an investment in our future. Every young person in our city should know that they are valued, that we expect them to succeed, and we must invest in them to create those opportunities.

  • Maximize the number of job opportunities for young people in the summer and for the whole year because a meaningful job is not only an opportunity to earn a paycheck, but the chance to gain valuable professional experience and be able to financially contribute to their families.
  • Expand quality after-school initiatives to give every young person the opportunity to develop skills in a positive environment.
  • Support our libraries because when we support these valuable community resources, we also support our youth, our families and our elderly community.
  • Enhance our youth violence prevention programs so that each and every neighborhood in our city has workers reaching out to young people, reducing the number of illegal weapons in our city, and ensuring every young person knows that they are valued.
  • Foster positive relationships between youth, youth-based community organizations and law enforcement.
  • Prevent substance abuse by providing effective treatment for young people in need. This will include prohibiting advertising and sales of alcohol and tobacco to youth.
  • Promoting civic engagement to foster an understanding of government and increase youth participation in their city.